Narayana bali Pooja consists of two different rituals. Narayan bali is done to get rid of ancestral curse (Pitru Shaap).

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Tripindi Shradha is a Kamya Shradha. It is performed to remove the Pretatva of ones ancestors. Its purpose arises, if for three years after their death, Pitra Shradha is not performed, and to clam the vehement emotions that exist.

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To get absolved of sin of serpent killed by them or those who saw kiling snake their ancestors, intentionally or unintentionally in this or previous births,

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Man has freedom of choice in his action. The reward or punishment for his action is with God. Karmic effect come to a person through Rahu and Ketu.

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Rudrabhishekam Maha Pooja To know Us

Rudrabhisheka maha pooja , is done to remove all evils and curses like Pitru shapa(Paternal curse), matru shapa(maternal curse), stri shapa(woman curse),pretha shapa(ghost curse), and brahma shapa(Bramin curse) and can bring peace, prosperity and happiess in your home and family.

Once Dashahara raja was haunted by one evil ghost. He started visiting all the holy places and temples and did all kind of worships but could not find a solution. On the way he sees Gautham maharshi's (Saint Gautham) monastery and visits him and tells his problem. Listening to the bad condition of King ,Gautham maharshi takes him to Gokarna and asks him to take bath in sea and do Rudrabhisheka maha pooja. As a result the evil ghost leaves the king and its soul is freed and goes to Lord vishnu.

In this way, to wash off all kind of curses and get blessed one can perform Rudrabhisheka maha pooja. bad things to you or your family.

This way all bad forces will be avoided and you will get a very happy and prosperous life.

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